'Buzzard' completes Antwerp drydock refit

16th March 2020

‘Buzzard’ floats out of Antwerp drydock following completion of a major refit and upgrade work. Final work to install a minimum 16 man accommodation module will immediately commence to enable ‘Buzzard’ to meet the high demand of the 2020 season.

“Since acquiring ‘Buzzard’ there has been considerable interest from our clients in the offshore renewables and O&M sector, but equally by deep water port developers where she is the ideal construction barge. ‘Buzzard’ has a long and enviable track record working on such projects, and being designed to take a 750t crane her considerable 43m x 30m size and 2.5m wave jacking ability allows ‘Buzzard’ to continue working where most barges will stop. We fully expect this new acquisition to cement Jackup GB Limited’s position as the ‘go-to’ jackup barge supplier, as we can now supply our clients with a full range of O&M and construction barges from 100Te up to 1600Te.”

While in drydock ‘Buzzard’ has also had all four spud cans fitted which are designed to retract fully into the hull moulding, making it possible to access very shallow water, but also to maximise deep water locations of around 30m water depth while keeping leg penetration to a minimum.